Ricky Litwinkowich a.k.a The Prez Producer / AV Tech / Head Asshole

Ricky L. is Pain Train Productions head man and "Pipe Bomb" host. He is also the producer on other podcasts. His prior work behind the mic and leadership skills made him a no-brainer to lead this group of friends to radio/podcast media. Ricky is a rabid Mets and Patriots fan and also is an avid music listener. Don't let the extensive sports and mucic knowledge fool you, his diversity and no nonsense attitude goes well beyond that.

Melissa Mitro / Executive Producer

Melissa M. "The EP (Executive Producer)...Melissa is a born and raised Brooklyn girl with a whole lot of personality. She is a single mother and proud owner of her own baking business. Melissa is outgoing, funny, honest to fault and isn't afraid to tackle any topic thrown at her. Her creative mind, warped sense of humor and interest in a variety of topics keep the team on their toes.


Karasu Baraka Muhammad / Beefcake

Karasu is :

•Fond of Japanese culture

•Martial artist

•Devout Muslim

Karasu aka Beefcake is also a former musician, who played in two bands as a guitarist (Subject of the Question and Aeon of Ether). He is also a 2nd degree black belt in Ninjutsu and Kobudo.  Karasu is very blunt, but he can also be goofy and comical and lover of he puns.

WARNING: Don't give him sharp objects...he will throw them!

Sean Matrai / Meteorologist

In the beginning, Sean met up with the Pipebomb Crew through one of the broadcasts. In time; Sean showed his potential forecasting the weather and became an intricate part of the crew. His unique way of delivering a forecast on the show adds another dimension to the show.