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Your Starting Lineup

Melissa Mitro

"The EP"( Executive Producer) ..... Melissa is a born and raised Brooklyn girl with a whole lot of personality...... She is a single mother and proud owner of Missy Ann's Sweet Treats... A baking business that she started in 2016 that's rapidly expanding.... Melissa is outgoing, funny, honest to a fault, and isn't afraid to tackle any topic the Pipebombers throw at her.. She is a huge Patriots, Packers and Mets fan and is very eclectic as far as her music choices are concerned...

Melissa's creative mind, warped sense of humor and interest in a variety of topics keep the team on their toes...

Meice Gonzales

Amarice “Meice” Gonzales is just a small town Native Arizonan from Superior, Arizona. With family being of upmost importance, as she is very close with her nieces and nephews. Cannabis enthusiast. With a love for OU (Oklahoma University) SOONERS Football. Loves to giggle and see the fun in things. Oh and she has a potty mouth!!!!

Ricky Litwinkowich

A.K.A The Prez. Creator and founder of the brand Pain Train Pipebomb. Since the inception of "Pipebomb"; the sky has been the limit for him. He has been quoted to be the 24/7 one man army to take this brand to next level no matter what project comes before him. 

Not only is he the mad scientist behind Pain Train Pipebomb;  but he also is a Radio DJ on Pipebomb Radio NYC, Host on Archrivals Football and co - owner of SoundMachine FM.


A dream becomes a reality! An idea that was thought about over a 7 year period became true in March of 2017. Pain Train Pipebomb. Starting out with the most minimal equipment possible; the show was just a plain jane Facebook Live every Thursday night. As time moved on; the show picked up a lot of steam with new viewers week by week. The production set up got a little bit better as time moved on. Our show was rapidly advancing by help from not only hard work and dediciation; but was also grown more by the people met along the way. Today the "Pipebomb" brand has expanded. Its not only the foundation show Pain Train Pipebomb going full throttle. As time went on; shows like Pipebomb Metallic, Pipebomb Radio NYC, ArchRivals Football, Horsehide to Cowhide and even Motley Metal were born. With more projects in the plans for the future; Pain Train Pipebomb started out as the foundation for our creativity to grow and expand more than it was dreamed out to be.

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